Hollow Form Wood Sculpture

Visualization becoming reality

It takes a special piece of wood to become one of Cain's wood sculptures. Once he has a piece of wood selected, he waits until inspiration hits and then lets the wood show him the way. When Cain gets a feeling of what the wood wants to become and he can see it without all the wood he will have to carve away, he is ready to start. The process for a hollow form wood sculpture is a little different in the beginning. Cain tries to envision the shadows the finished piece will put on a wall and to see it from the inside as well as the outside. When he has a good feel from all of these angles, then he is ready to start.  

Mango Free Form Sculpture with Kiawe Base

The Navigator

12" x 12" x 44" (L x W x H)

A unique hollow form wood sculpture portrays someone looking through a portal. Cain sees him as navigating through the stars and the ethereal solarscapes. The wood sculpture was carved from a hollow piece of mango and sits on a kiawe base. Both sculpture and base have a lacquer finish.

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